Yukata Kimono - Plum Blossoms Navy
Yukata Kimono - Plum Blossoms Navy
Yukata Kimono - Plum Blossoms Navy - Full
Yukata Kimono - Plum Blossoms Navy - Pattern
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Yukata Kimono - Plum Blossoms Navy (Style #2286)

by Modern Sakura

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This Summer Kimono is perfect for all ages! Gorgeous cherry blossom print is a must-have for kimono lovers.

  • Materials: 100% cotton
  • Length: 61.5 in
  • Sleeve length (from center seam on the back to the end of the sleeve): 25.5 in
  • Color: maroon

Tags: Blue | Plum Blossom | Yukata |

About Yukata Kimono

People sometimes refer to yukata as yukata kimono or summer kimono.

Because yukatas and kimonos look very much alike, people often confuse the two. In Japan, yukatas are more popular than kimonos due to their affordable price tags and the shorter dress-up time.

Kimonos are traditional garments worn at many Japanese events. For example, in January every year, girls who reached 20 year of age in the past year will dress in kimonos to celebrate “Coming of Age Day.”

Yukatas, on the other hand, are preferred at summer celebrations and fireworks festivals. Yukatas are casual kimonos, usually made of cotton fabrics. Comparing with traditional kimonos, yukatas are often more colorful and vibrant, which make them the fun and upbeat options for festive events.

Woman wearing yukata kimono