16 Amazing Photos of Cherry Blossoms at Night

16 Amazing Photos of Cherry Blossoms at Night

Around the world, many places have long been celebrating the blooming of these magnificent flowers. Most people head out during the day to view cherry blossoms and take insta-worthy photos, but have you tried capturing their beauty after the sunset?

Yozakura, or "Night Sakura," is the viewing of cherry blossoms at night and is a typical night event in Japan. Cherry blossoms illuminated by the right lighting can be absolutely breathtaking. We've gathered 16 beautiful photos of cherry blossoms at night that will hopefully inspire the photographer inside you!


Photo Credit: Taichiro Ueki


Photo Credit: Jimmy B


Photo Credit: ogino M


Photo Credit: N M

清水寺 夜の特別拝観 2014春  Kiyomizu Temple

Photo Credit: ELCAN KE-7A

Cherry blossom Milky Way



Photo Credit: sunnywinds

東寺夜櫻,京都 Kyoto, Japan

Photo Credit: Vincent Ting


Photo Credit: GLIDEi7

Calmness of Spring Night, Tokyo Chidorigafuchi

Photo Credit: 45tmr

春の桜 - 高瀨川夜櫻

Photo Credit: Vince Chen

Sakura at Night

Photo Credit: Takuya Igarashi

sakura '16 - cherry blossoms #12 (Kiyamachi, Kyoto)

Photo Credit: Marser

Night Sakura

Photo Credit: mrhayata

Sakura at Chidorigafuchi

Photo Credit: Jordy Meow


Photo Credit: Daishi Naruse

What do you think is the perfect complement to cherry blossoms? Is it the beautiful night sky, a magnificent building, or a body of calm water?
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