Beyond Modern Sakura

There are so much more waiting for you to explore in the world of kimono! Here we have a list of high-quality websites that we absolutely adore. You will find everything from kimono news to authentic Japanese merchandise. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

  • Moon Blossom

    A Giantess's adventures in tiny vintage silks. Montreal-based personal kimono blog, with a focus on vintage kimono as well as Japanese traditional arts.

  • Ohio Kimono

    Ohio Kimono works directly with a family owned business in Kyoto Japan to supply kimono addicts everywhere with the latest in new kimono fashion, and gently used vintage and antique kimono.

  • Shimazakura

    Shimazakura is an U.S based Japanese owned Online Kimono Store. We offer traditional Japanese clothing such as Recycle/New Kimono, Yukata, Jinbei, and Samue, for men, women, boys, and girls.

  • Wafuku

    Wafuku is a long established UK brand that offers a wide selection of vintage & antique Japanese kimonos and collectables. Its garments are featured in magazines such as Elle, 25 Beautiful Homes, and Beyond.