Cocoluck: Modern and Affordable Kimono Accessories

Cocoluck: Modern and Affordable Kimono Accessories

About the Brand

We discovered Cocoluck in 2017 and immediately fell in love with the brand! Cocoluck is a Japanese company that specializes in modern and affordable kimono accessories. Cocoluck has many physical stores in Japan, but their products are only available to people overseas through authorized resllers or at major conventions. 

For those of you don't know, we are an authorized reseller of Cocoluck, and we carry a few Cocoluck items in our store and plan to expand our collection in the future.

Cocoluck Products

About Cocoluck's Products

If you think affordable means low-quality materials, you are absolutely wrong! Cocoluck is known for manufacturing using gorgeous traditional Japanese kimono fabric called "Chirimen." The naturally occurring fabric wrinkles combined with the vibrant colors makes their accessories truly beautiful!

They carry a large variety of products, mostly focusing on hair accessories. You can find everything from hair sticks to collars for cats. Since everything is made in Japan, you know that the quality is absolutely top-notch! Our photos don't do their products justice!

Camellia Claw Clip

Shop this now: Cocoluck Camellia Claw Clip

Any Cocoluck products that you would like us to carry in our store? Let us know!


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