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Your Favorite Game of Thrones Characters in Japanese Kimonos

by Modern Sakura | | Kimono Fashion | 1 Comments

Have you ever wonder how your favorite Game of Thrones characters look in traditional Japanese kimonos? Well, maybe this thought never crossed your mind, but we can tell you that they look absolutely stunning! 

Everything you see here is drawn by artist Hikaru Yagi (Instagram, and the artwork is truly amazing! We can totally see these Westeros ladies slaying White Walkers in the stunning outfits!

Arya Stark / Kimono of House Stark

Brienne / Kimono of House Tarth

Yara Greyjoy

Melisandre in kimono of Asshai[Game of Thrones]

Kimono of the House Targaryen

Lady Sansa Stark / Kimono of House Stark

Cersei Lannister

Kimono of House Tyrell

Kimono of House Baratheon

Missandei, Kimono of Naath

Ellaria Sand in kimono of Dorne

Daenerys and Sakura


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Who's your favorite? And don't you want to see the male characters in kimonos too? Let the artist know!

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Your Favorite Game of Thrones Characters in Japanese Kimonos – Modern Sakura

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